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Haags KunstAtelier (ArtStudio The Hague) organizes inspiring lessons and courses for schools, cultural institutions as well as for private individuals and companies in the areas of the fine arts, architecture, design and cultural heritage. We use sustainable materials, story lines, artists and artistic trends.
Physical activity helps to develop and strengthen cognitive, socio-emotional and practical skills . Arts education contributes to a healthier society. This type of education stimulates the independent and open-minded individuality.
We consider it our mission to connect as many people, children and adults alike, from all districts of The Hague and raise their awareness of:
- the variety of cultures, heritage, social developments and inclusivity of our (The Hague) community
- the importance of sustainability
- their own creativity
Haags KunstAtelier, HKA2.0, established by Tessa de Koning and Carin Hack, is a continuation in its own of  the foundation Stichting Haags Kinderatelier (also known as HKA). The foundation has been a household name for culture education in The Hague for 27 years.

Teacher & board member


As a child I spent my time inventing and creating. When asked what it was I wanted to be when I grew up, I never had an explicit answer other than that I wanted to do something that made people happy and would inspire them.
After earning my bachelor's degree Architecture & Design at the at the Royal Art Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK), I started as an Independent furniture and lighting designer. I liked the work but not the marketing and sales side of my profession.
I lived abroad for some time and once back in The Netherlands became the mother of 2 (very fine daughters) and became an autodidact stained glass setter. To avoid working within the confinement of only my own studio, I started teaching stained glass setting. As I so much loved doing this I decided to gain further teaching proficiency.
This is when I saw an ad of the Stichting Haags Kinderaterlier (HKA) looking for a teacher. I applied and could start the same day. This is 15 years ago and up to this day I am so happy being a teacher, creating and teaching inspiring art & design courses for young and old.
After it appeared that Mrs. Fré Beijerling would retire as director of the HKA and that the HKA would cease its activities, Tessa de Koning and I teamed up to continue the HKA legacy in a renewed format.
So here we are, a new adventure with the aim to use art & design to take along as many people as possible on a journey to amazement and connection, with themselves and each other.


Teacher & board member


Through art and culture education you get to know yourself and your environment better. Learning life lessons through the eyes of artists and different cultures creates connection. I think it's fantastic that I can now also earn a living with this.
As a child, drawing and crafting helped me to cope with difficult situations such as the death of my father and I wanted nothing more than to become a woodcarver like my grandfather or to draw behind the architect's table like my father. Ultimately life showed my different artistic directions and made me into an allrounder that loves being active in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.
After finishing my studies as an interior designer, I wanted more and went to the KABK in The Hague to study architectural and textile design. After that I worked as an independent designer, but my main activities soon became taking care of my children and other people's children. For twelve years I was a childminder where I could also put my creative mind into. I enjoyed all the different children and parents who came to my house and they all have a warm place in my heart. In 2019 I wanted to refresh my art knowledge and started to follow a part-time training as a teacher of visual arts and design at the HKU. For me, teaching art and culture is the perfect combination of working with people and expressing my creative passion.



HKA2.0 is staffed by a wide variety of artists, designers, architects and creators from as many different professional disciplines. In addition hereto, designated guest teachers, lecturers, volunteers and trainees form our vital backbone in front of and behind the HKA2.0 scenes.

Tessa de Koning

Carin E. Hack

Fenneke Weltevrede

Mey Oberendorff

Celine van Raam

Veerle Kollaard

Boudewien van den Berg

Elsa Doornewaard

Lisette Groen


Gastdocenten speciale projecten:

Olga Grig

Tonko Leemhuis
Marcel Teunissen

Roos Hack

Charry Groenhart: communication

Eric Goldschmitz: atelier staff

Ewa Kijowska-Stroes: workshop assistant, communication

Fatima Fatah: atelier staff

Ilham Koubaa: workshop assistant en atelier staff

Marijke Mandjes: communication

Patrycja Pyzalska: workshop assistant, atelier staff
Talitha Ganga: atelier staff

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