We also provide after school activities in The Hague: inspirational workshops in the schools where we work or in our own art studio. Also for those kids who are getting really excited by the art and culture lessons given and who want to learn even more, we are the right place to be. In a course of 6 lessons we will challenge them to make one or more visual art works. We categorize by age groups of 4 to 7 yrs. and 8 to 12 yrs.

Example themes:

- Scheveningen

- fairytales

- women in art

- fashion then and now 

- from figurative to abstract



Mobile Outdoor Atelier

You can hire our Mobile Outdoor Art Studio for your school parties, weddings and any other party that you can think of, to add some artistic seasoning. The entire group will be making outdoor art with the inspirational support of one of our art teachers.
Art with a festive lining!

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