Team building and team outings
Thinking in terms of possibilities is a well-known characteristic of an artist. A way of thinking that is also important in business.

That is why we have developed a number of catchy half-days especially for you. Not only do we awaken the creative mind, but at the same time we work on team building. In half a day, optionally with lunch or drinks, we get to work!


Mobile Outdoor Studio
You can hire our Mobile Outdoor Atelier for company parties and open days.

Under the guidance of our art teachers, make art in the open air to get to know each other in a different way, or as a creative activity for children. Suitable for large groups.

Send us an email for more information and prices. 

What an awesome place and what a fun workshop to do as a team! For the farewell of 2 colleagues, we as a team did a workshop with drinks at the HKA.
In a nice and cozy atmosphere we started working on a self-portrait.

We enjoyed the conviviality, hospitality and the atmospheric environment during this creative party!”
- Pedagogical policy officers for the preschools of SCOH

- (july 2022)

Keep an eye out for each other!
Have you ever really taken a good look at your colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend or a family member? What is unique, special and characteristic about him or her? Take the time to really look at each other during this workshop! Capture what you see in your artwork by using a huge variety of sustainable materials.


During this creative process engage in conversation and get to know your "model" in a different way as you portray him or her. Let your creativity run wild, everything is good. You are the artist and you decide. We know from experience that the most surprising creations are made by the ones you least expect. Everyone has more talents than you think, so dare to be surprised!


At the end of the workshop, while enjoying a snack and a drink, you can take a picture with "yourself". Do you also see the similarities?

Also possible on location.


What does your team stand for and which elements fit in with it? Picture this in a Totem made from our selected recycled materials. By working together on one or more totems, you and your team will shape where your strength lies.
Think of words like:
- balance - uniqueness - movement - contrast - rhythm - accents - patterns - colors -

Dining together
Always wanted an abstract artwork for the wall? Entirely in the style of the Hague artist Klaas Gubbels, you will work together to create your own work of art with mixed (printing) techniques.


Decide together what should be on your table and get started with the sustainable materials.


We work tailor-made, so feel free to discuss specific wishes with us so that together we can make the company outing or open day a great success. Send us an email at::

Sustainable outing!
If you are looking for a full-day program, you can also hire us!
Together with a certified coach, we make it an inspiring day in which alternating the head and handwork will be our main focus!

These companies have already visited us with their team:
Institute of Social Studies (ISS The Hague), Emergency Shelter Foundation, UNION Foundation, SCOH, CBS De Spiegel, Willem de Zwijgerschool

What fun I had with my colleagues!

I'm actually not creative at all, but when I see the result like this now, I'm really proud of my contribution!

WHAT A COOL ARTWORK WE HAVE IN THE OFFICE NOW! Every time I look at it I'm thinking of the fun outing.

Price: from €35,- p.p.
Incl. coffee & tea*
Workshop duration: min. 2 hrs**

*lunch/snacks possible
** also possible on location/ taylor-made workshops