Workshops aimed at artistic orientation in a continuous learning line. Below a few
of our themes which are also suitable cross-curricular or as separate workshops.


·   Friendship (bullying)
·   Moving (nomads, moving to a different address in town, migration) 
·   Body (differences and similarities)
·   Continents (cultural differences)
·   Fashion (then and now)
·   Architecture (in town and the world)
·   Design (from the past to the present)
·   Professions (in the arts)
·   Sexual orientation (love, gender)


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HKA2.0-ArtBox for in class

Are Corona-restrictions still preventing classes given by an external teacher? Not to worry! Specifically for this situation we have created our HKA2.0-ArtBox for in class.
Artistic orientation fitting the existing curriculum. A box full of inspiring materials that are fully compatible with any subject of your choice.
The box includes a teaching plan that provides the teacher a step by step instruction.
We have created various template ArtBox subjects per grade compatible with the relevant learning line.


In the project 'Fieldtrip-at-School' we take the children along on a school trip within school.
A very nice alternative for a traditional school trip, especially created for the present time. Fieldtrip-at-School provides us the opportunity to travel great distances without leaving any footprint. Jointly we transform your school or class into an entire different world.
Where are you going at school? 


Some of our destinations:



The oceans

The zoo


Is the destination of your choice not listed here, we’re here to help. Please contact us at: