School projects for secondary education

Project weeks provide an excellent opportunity to address in a concise manner
subject such as visual arts, sustainable architecture and urban planning.
Jointly with architects and urban planners we study the direct environment of the pupils.
Afterwards it's up to the pupils to create, e.g. a scale model of the public space.

In-depth courses for Kunst Algemeen (‘KUA’) / General Art

The theory of KUA takes root and holds better by connecting it to practice. The average high school teacher nowadays unfortunately isn’t left with a lot of time for this. For this purpose HKA2.0 has created specific in-depth modules. Before the start of the HKA2.0 in-depth course, the relevant research question is pre-discussed with the pupils. On the basis of that discussion we provide a learning session using teaching materials that perfectly fit the subject. It is also

possible to order a HKA.20 tuition box to provide the lessons yourself.


If (due to covid) it is not possible to have an external teacher provide a lesson, do not worry!
Specifically for this situation we have created our HKA2.0-ArtBox for in class. A box full of inspiring materials that are completely suitable for the subject of your choice. The box includes a teaching

plan that provides the teacher a step-by-step instruction.

Educational support for Primary and Secondary education
For study days we provide inspiration workshops for all staff at school.
Making art work collectively supports getting to know your colleagues (better)
and at the same time we offer sustainable and durable artistic and cultural ideas
and notions that the teachers can implement in their teachings.

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